II/54a Scots-Irish (55 BC- 432 AD)

II/54a Scots-Irish (55 BC- 432 AD)
Item# II/54a

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1x General in 2 horse/2crew Chariot (LCh)—IRISH09 w/ General from IRISH02 2x Chariots (LCh)—IRISH09 1x Chariots (LCh)—IRISH09 or Fianna (3Wb)—IRISH06 or Warriors (3Ax)—IRISH06 or Roman Auxilia (4Ax)—ROBR05 or Attacotti (4Ax or 4Wb)—IRISH03 6x Warriors (3Ax)—IRISH04/05 2x Skirmishing Javelinmen (2Ps)—IRISH07 Total Figures: 4 Chariots and 36 Infantry

**Please note that the picture is not of the contents of the army but simply provided to give a sense of what the figures look like.