Out of Darkness

In January of 2012, Splintered Light Miniatures began donating 10% of every order to Out of Darkness, an organization dedicated to helping end the child sex slave industry and exploitation in Atlanta. The Out of Darkness website says,

"We run a 24/7 hotline with volunteers trained to answer rescue calls. Those volunteers will then activate responders who are trained to make contact with and offer rescue to trafficking victims. Victims will be offered a safe place to stay until they can transition to appropriate restorative services.

Additionally, we will have a dedicated team searching the internet to identify the sites where underage children are being sold for sex, the exploiters who are selling them, and the johns who are buying them. This information will be provided to law enforcement agencies with the hope of assisting active investigations and prosecutions.

It is our desire to work in cooperation and partnership with community organizations, state service providers, private care providers, and law enforcement agencies. We are not looking to compete with or duplicate the efforts of other heroes in the fight against human trafficking. We believe that a specific need exists to provide a round-the-clock response to trafficking victims, and we hope to do our part to fill that need."

As the father of four children, two of whom are girls, this work is incredibly important and meaningful to me. In Georgia alone, 200-500 young girls (some as young as 10 or 11 years old) are trafficked each month with an estimated 7200 men knowingly and unknowingly paying for sex with adolescent females in Georgia each month.

My goal is to raise $5000 a year that can be donated to Out of Darkness. It is my hope that my customers and the gaming community will join me in working towards ending this horrible practice.

As a follower of Jesus Christ, I believe that I am commanded to take care ďof the least of these.Ē Too often the American church has failed to meet the needs of the communities around them, having been blinded by much of the materialism of American culture, and my hope that I can work to restore the element of Christís work that understands the gospel as not merely about the life to come but also about our work here in this life. Just as Godís grace saves us from our sin, so should we practice grace towards those around us, particularly the poor and downtrodden.

As always, I thank you for your support of Splintered Light Miniatures and I am excited about this new element to who we are as a company.

David McBride Owner of Splintered Light Miniatures

Update: Thanks to your business, Splintered Light Miniatures was able to donate over $4,000 to Out of Darkness. Thanks to the many folk who included extra money as special donations.