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**Please note we are still open for business during the Covid-19 crisis.

**With the new requirements for UK customers and VAT payment, I will not be sending any orders to the UK until I have figured out how best to handle these new regulations. Sorry for the inconvenience but please note that the Little Corporal is now our distributor in the UK. You can see our figures here

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**PLEASE NOTE** If you are trying to pay and unable to use your credit card, please send me an email with your order and I will help you out. I am not sure why some cards are having a problem and apologize if yours does.

Splintered Light Miniatures provides high quality 15/18mm and 20mm miniatures as well as a small range of resin buildings and rulesets. We have also added a small range of 28mm.

**All Miniatures and Buildings Come Unpainted